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4:33pm on Wednesday, 18th November, 2009:

The Written Word


I finished reading a 3-inch thick thesis today, which I'm examining sometime next month. No, I can't say what I thought or the university in question would send a hit man after me (or, because they probably do the same work for less money, a hit woman).

Anyway, I had to return a preliminary report amounting to 300 words. That's 300 handwritten words.

Ohhh dear.

I managed to fill in the rest of the form using capitals, but for the report I was going to have to write it in regular, joined-up handwriting. I don't know how long it is since I had to write as many as 300 words by hand that someone else was going to have to read. I started off well enough, but couldn't sustain it for more than about 4 lines before I found my writing reverting to, er, type. I was putting a dot instead of an i, I was doubling up strokes so nn looked like m, or inserting extra ones so w looked like wu. syllables such as tion were reduced to tn (maybe with a dot, maybe not); ing went to η; the word the lost its t.

This is just how my handwriting is. The pen doesn't do what the brain tells it to do.

Oh well. I typed it all up and sent the transcript along, too, so there's no chance they'll look at it and figure it says something it doesn't.

Hmm, maybe that's something our PM ought to consider doing, too.

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