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8:09pm on Tuesday, 17th November, 2009:

Square 2 Refurbishment


They're doing some kind of construction work on the feature in the middle of Square 2 at the university. Naturally, I want to know what it is they're building, but for something that would probably be described as "safety reasons" the whole site is surrounded in large, white screens. You can't see inside.

Except, ha! On Sunday night there were very strong winds, and they flattened the screens. Yesterday, until someone showed up at lunchtime, we had a clear view of what the screens were hiding:

That's right, a hole.

It has a floor to it, so those screens that blew in didn't fall 20 metres onto the road underneath, but there's no construction going on there, just the remains of deconstruction. The screens served a purpose of concealing the fact that there is no actual work going on.

Why is it that photos that look perfectly in focus on a mobile phone turn all fuzzy when you look at them on a proper screen?

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