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11:07pm on Monday, 30th June, 2008:

And the Harp Says...


So, a harp walks into a bar, goes up behind a mandolin and hits it with a bottle. The mandolin crumples to the floor, but before the harp can hit it again, a double bass grabs hold of the harp and pushes him into a corner.

"What the hell did you do that for?!" asks the double bass.

And the harp says, "He called me a lyre!".

OK, so it's a pun, but not quite an exact one. I concocted it to test if it was close enough for my wife to find funny. She sort of groaned, wavering while she was doing it, and declared it not funny without my even asking what she thought.

Hmm, so it looks as if there's an uncanny valley for puns, as far as my wife is concerned. Either side of it, she groans, but slap in the middle she doesn't like it...

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