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8:34am on Wednesday, 15th March, 2006:

Worse Groan


This morning, I said to my wife: "During the second world war, the Russians experimented with putting explosives in cattle which they would detonate when German patrols passed by. I don't know about you, but I think the idea is abominable.".

With my accent, I can make "abominable" sound like "a bomb in a bull" quite easily.

My wife groaned at this, but she didn't find it funny. Yesterday's pun, she groaned at and did find funny. I deliberately chose a "sounds a bit like" kind of pun today, rather than an exact one, because I don't find them all that funny either. However, I don't groan at them. I may complain, but I don't groan. I wonder why that is?

Yes, it's secret and unethical to test my wife's sense of humour in this way, but if you can't perform secret, unethical experiments on your wife, who can you perform them on?

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