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3:48pm on Tuesday, 23rd December, 2008:

VAT Change


This 2.5% reduction in VAT is playing merry hell with my pockets. Other than supermarkets, most shops that are passing it on are doing the deduction at the till rather than change the labels on everything. This means that when something is priced, say, £7.95, I only have to pay (7.95*40/47)*1.15 = £7.78 . Instead of getting 5p change from £8, I get 22p. Something that used to cost £6.50 will now only come to £6.36 . All these extra coins, while welcome, are bulking up my pockets — I bought a coffee last week for £2.15 and was able to pay the £2 entirely in 20p pieces.

Oh well, at least it's only temporary. In America, where they tend to quote prices exclusive of sales tax, it's like that the whole time.

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