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6:18pm on Tuesday, 8th July, 2008:

Shop Security


One of the many things my wife and kids bought on Sunday during their shopping expedition to Colchester was some article of clothing described as a "top", with the thumb and first two fingers of both hands meeting over the solar plexus. It would seem that indicating where the clasp is forms an intrinsic part of describing clothes among women.

Anyway, this particular top, we discovered, still had its security tag on it. It was one of those that is set up to spill dye all over the place if you attempt to break into it without the right equipment (formally, a very strong magnet; informally, a bolt snipper). Rather than risk this, today I took it back to the shop and had them take it off, which they did on production of a receipt.

The thing is, no alarms went off when I left the shop on Sunday with a security tagged item, and they didn't go off when I returned with it today through a different door. Either the alarms are silent, or they're useless — almost certainly the latter. This means that if my daughter had wanted two of those tops (moves fingers to chest) then I could have bought one on Sunday, then returned today with the receipt and picked one up in the shop claiming that the security tag hadn't been taken off.

Ah, once a gamer, always a gamer.

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