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4:58pm on Sunday, 6th July, 2008:

Trapped on a Wet Sunday


Today, my wife and kids went on a shopping spree so they'd have something to wear on holiday. I decided to go, too, as I thought it was perhaps time I bought a new suit (which is to say, a second one).

We arrived in Colchester at 1:30. Twenty-five minutes later, I had bought a suit, three shirts, a pack of socks, a pack of underwear and some pyjamas. I dropped them off at the car and went to find the rest of the family.

They hadn't bought anything and showed no promise of buying anything in the immediate future, so I went for a wander around Colchester in the drizzle.

It occurred to me that if I were to be spending a wet Sunday afternoon in Colchester town centre, then even with half the shops shut I ought to be able to find something to blog about.

However, as time dragged on, and I received phone call updates saying things like "we haven't left Debenhams yet, we're going to look at the shoes", things weren't looking promising. I saw a family I knew doing treasure hunt, then 30 seconds later another family I also knew doing the same treasure hunt, but to be bloggable I'd really have needed to see a third, and I didn't. Likewise, I saw a woman skid twice on the wet stones because she had heels on her shoes that were meant for walking only on flat rubber surfaces, but she didn't slip again. I was almost knuckle-punched by a woman outside one shop who mistook me for her husband and she thought he was ignoring her (he wasn't, biut I was); however, she spotted her mistake before she made contact.

So when I got the final call from my wife at quarter to four that they were finally done and would meet me at the car, I was glumly contemplating my misfortune at having spent an afternoon so miserably uneventful that not only had I had to endure it, I wouldn't even have a QBlog entry to show for my trouble.

Then I saw a woman walking the other direction holding a live feral pigeon in each hand, and the afternoon was redeemed.

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