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8:58pm on Wednesday, 3rd December, 2008:

Liquids in Bags


You're supposed to put your liquids and gels in a "transparent, resealable plastic bag" before you fly these days, so naturally I did this. However, as an experiment, I didn't take the plastic bag out of my suitcase. I did this both on the way here from Gatwick (I'm sitting in the Atlanta departure lounge at gate E12 at the moment, by the way), and I did it just now for the flight back. Neither time was it spotted, even though on both occasions I was called over (in London for having a credit card sized toolkit, but I'd removed the knife from it so they couldn't take it off me; in Atlanta for putting my jacket and shoes and laptop in the same bin).

Actually, it happened three times, come to think of it: I was also made to pass all my baggage through checks upon arrival in Atlanta, and they didn't notice I had my toothpaste and deodorant hidden in my bag, either.

So, perhaps its name should be changed to the Department of Homeland Bureuacracy?

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