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8:51pm on Wednesday, 3rd December, 2008:

A Long Way to Travel


In London earlier this year (or maybe last year) there was a highly popular exhibition at the British Museum: the terracotta warriors. My wife and I both wanted to go, but the tickets were bought up months in advance, and we our freedom to go anywhere at weekends was limited by the trips to see her mother in Newmarket. As a result, we missed what was probably the only chance we'd get to see any original terracotta warriors for the next 30 years, unless we were prepared to go to China and seeing them in situ.

It turns out that the British Museum exhibition was just the first leg of a world-wide tour. Incredibly, the location of the exhibition right now is ... Atlanta, Georgia. So, with my flight back home scheduled for 5:35pm, this morning I got on the MARTA underground system and went to stop N5 to the High Museum of Culture. The place was thronging with schoolkids, but $18 bought me a ticket to the exhibition there and then, plus the rest of the museum/art gallery.

It was worth every cent.

Bit of a long way to travel to see it, though.

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