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9:25am on Thursday, 1st May, 2008:

Circle R


I'm off to Germany next week for a conference, and was looking to see where I'm supposed to be staying, when I noticed the following:

Just a moment, what's that at the end of the line there?

Let's have a closer look:

Yes, they really have registered "The world's largest hotel chain" as a trademark. So if some other company were to acquire more hotels than Best Western, this other company wouldn't be able to call themselves the world's largest hotel chain, even though they were, in fact, the world's largest hotel chain? And Best Western could continue to call themselves the world's largest hotel chain, even though they weren't the world's largest hotel chain?

I went to the Best Western home page to find out more, and saw this:

They had to register that? Because, what, other people might put "Welcome to bestwestern.com" on a site other than bestwestern.com?

It turns out that Best Western have a bunch of registered trademarks, including such weirdnesses as "seniority", "lynx" and "Best Western bestrates".

A shame they didn't manage to get Best Eastern and Best Northern while they had chance, although Best Southern seems to have avoided exploitation.

Oh, I should say that all the trademarks mentioned here are ® their respective, albeit weird, owners.

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