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9:10am on Tuesday, 27th February, 2007:

Paying for Modelling


I've seen several advertisements on the TV recently for a new magazine, Build the Bismarck. The idea is that each week you get a new piece of a model of the famous pocket battleship, which over time you put together to make a model 120cms long (or about 4 feet if you prefer).

I've subscribed to this kind of fixed-period magazine before, twice. In both cases it was to build up my classical music collection (I also have a full set of jazz CDs I inherited from my uncle, although I didn't get the magazines that went with it). The series I subscribed to were fortnightly and there were about 50 or so magazines in total for each.

This Build the Bismarck series is weekly, and there are 140 issues. Yes, that's right: 140 issues. Start building now and you'll be done some time in 2010. Also, because all issues except the first two cost £4.99, you'll be close to £700 worse off.

£700 for a model ship I won't get for 3 years?! I wouldn't pay £700 for one made by a professional and delivered to my door! It doesn't even do anything, as far as I can tell — you couldn't take it to your local pond and send it off, propellers whirring, in search of HMS Hood.

I enjoy making models from kits as much as the next overgrown schoolboy, but jeez, £700 is rather steep...

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