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5:59pm on Monday, 26th February, 2007:

One Studio


I was in London today, being interviewed by CNN for some documentary they're making about virtual worlds. The questions were supplied by people in Atlanta but asked by someone in London who had no idea what they were about. By the end, though, he'd got so interested in the subject that he was asking his own questions that weren't on the list.

About 75% of the way through, we had to stop. It seems that CNN's London office only has one studio, and they needed it for a live business report. I was asked to be quiet while anchorman Charles Hodson came in, sat down and read the latest on the stock exchange. Then he left and I continued with my mad, incoherent rantings.

Nice to know that I had the opportunity to leap in front of a camera that would have beamed me into half a million hotel rooms across the world, yet I was able to restrain myself.

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