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6:11pm on Saturday, 27th January, 2007:



As a break from trundling through the Burning Crusade, I finally got around to doing this:

The quest was Securing the Supply Lines.

Luceigh was the second WoW character I started, after Mareigh. In classic second-character style (deliberately so), she's a night elf rogue. I sent her to all the content areas I didn't do with Mareigh, which, the reason I'd not chosen them in the first place being that I didn't like them, meant I was even more reluctant to play them through.

11 days 23 hours 52 minutes.

So that makes a paladin, a mage, a warlock and a rogue at 60. I'm taking the mage up to 70, but I don't know if I'll do the others — it depends on how much content there is between 60 and 70 that I haven't accessed,

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