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8:50am on Monday, 26th March, 2007:

Another Day, Another 70


I raised up my second World of Warcraft level 70 character yesterday, Mareigh (my paladin):

The quest was something about killing some large, fire-breathing dinosaur, I'm really past caring...

In terms of post-70 content, I'm struggling with my mage to find groups, mainly because of the time of day I play (for historical reasons to do with getting a free copy of the software, I'm marooned on US servers). The LFG mechanism means I can't look for one character while playing another, either. I'm not particularly worried about this as I have no intention of assaulting Mount Hyjal anyway, but I'd kinda like to see inside Karazhan (if only to discover if it's as unimaginative as all the other Burning Crusade instances I've endured thus far — the "rebalanced" Arcatraz was almost physically painful).

If I can hold on for a while longer, I think I may take my warlock up to 70 on account of how I want to see how her tailoring pans out. No way am I doing the rogue, though...

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