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9:54am on Friday, 23rd March, 2007:

Bonny K Dotoy


While clearing the morning's spam, I noticed this:

It went on for several screens.

What's the thinking behind this kind of spam? Is there anyone in the world who'd actually open it?

It is spam intended for me, too. Sometimes, I get messages "returned" to me because the spammer put one of my domain names in the return address and the recipient's mail server was too dumb to notice the spoof. Here, though, the "victim" is the spammer (I'd tell you what the "your..." expanded into, but that would give them publicity), so I know that over 100 emails were indeed sent direct to bonnykdotoy@sopera.com. I've no idea where the name bonnykdotoy came from, but the chances of anyone actually being called that seem remote (Google doesn't know them).

Not only do spammers want to waste my time, it seems they want to waste their own, too.

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