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9:20am on Tuesday, 20th February, 2007:

Doing Games


I got an email from someone while I was in Hannover, asking if he could put one of my games, Dr Livingstone, I presume, on his web site and wanting to know how much I'd charge for it.

Curious as to why he didn't simply link to it, I asked him why he wanted it. If he'd had a reasonable explanation, I'd have probably let him have it for free — I wrote the game mainly as an exercise (it's identical to Spunky Princess, other than the text, music and graphics). He said it was because he had a potential client who wanted reassurance that he could "do games", so he was going to show them Dr Livingstone, I presume to prove he could.

I pointed out the fairly obvious fact that in truth he couldn't actually "do games", and the client was therefore bound to find out sooner or later.

He replied that the was under the impression that I would like money for my games, but as I apparently didn't he was sorry for bothering me.

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