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9:08am on Tuesday, 20th February, 2007:

Toad Rolls


I thought I'd blogged this a couple of weeks ago, but apparently not.

Road tolls: the government wants to make it so that whenever you drive between two places in the UK, you need to pay congestion charges to the city you start from, the city you end up at, and the counties that you pass through. Over a million people have signed an online petition against the idea, on the not unreasonable basis that it's unworkably stupid, and the government has listened.

Well yes, it has indeed listened; predictably, however, it has decided to ignore what it's heard. The one aspect of Old Labour that New Labour never threw off was its patronising, "we know best" attitude.

As for the petitioners, I don't know why they expected anything different. If the government decided to ignore a million people marching on London to protest against plans to invade Iraq, why would they pay any attention to the far less physical presence of a few signatures?

Besides, if this is pushed through then the next time the government chooses to invade a random country, a million people won't be able to make it to London to march on parliament anyway. It's two birds with one stone!

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