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7:48pm on Monday, 16th April, 2007:

Memories of Minneapolis


Some observations, while I wait at the airport to find out how long my flight will be delayed because of torrential rain in New York (not that I'm going to New York, but my flight to Chicago just stops over there before continuing to New York):

Whereas in the UK it's illegal to drive a car while using a mobile phone, in Minneapolis it seems to be the other way round. Every driver has a phone to their ear. My taxi-driver to the airport had a phone to one ear and a bluetooth earpiece in the other. He spoke the entire journey, loudly and in Arabic.

The wheelchairs at the airport are several inches less wide than the ones at Chicago and Indianapolis airports. Mind you, those are very wide...

The practice of putting a slice of cake into a toaster at breakfast is not regarded as in any way strange. Two people did it this morning as I watched.

A large sign in the skywalk proudly proclaims a desire to make downtown a "center for diversity", seemingly oblivious to the contradiction in terms.

There was once a Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank of Minneapolis. Look:

I guess this must mean that there were many banks set up by the obviously closely-related professions of farmer and mechanic, but that this was the only one specifically for savings in Minneapolis.

Thanks to this statue, generations of Minneapolis residents will grow up knowing what Mary Tyler Moore doesn't look like:

There are two illuminated Christmas trees outside the Radisson hotel. I'm sure there must be a very good reason for this. Here's a picture of the smaller one:

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