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5:02pm on Wednesday, 13th June, 2007:

TV Day


I had a TV day today.

Before you get all excited, that doesn't mean I spent some time dressed as a woman. No, it means I had a day to do with television: two things, in fact.

The first thing to do with television is that I'm on CNN's Future Summit, being aired today. I think. I watched the second half of the programme, and although I saw Nick Yee and Philip Rosedale, I didn't see any of the people marked as contributors on their programme listing. I'll have to check on Saturday at 3pm, which is apparently when it next goes out. By then, I may have been able to get my head round the concept of having a panel debate on "virtual worlds" which has a whole 4 out of 10 panellists with any virtual world connection (add Trond Aas and Leo Sang-Min Whang to Nick and Philip).

The reason I missed the first half of the programme was because I got back too late from a trip to London, where I was being interviewed for an up-coming series on Fantasy. It was in a vast, dank, underground cavern beneath London Bridge railway station (the other half of said cavern is occupied by the London Dungeon). I'm almost certain to be quoted as a result, on account of how I said something to the effect of "we've always had Fantasy, it's just we used to call it Religion".

I'm not actually a great interviewee. People ask me questions that have a 90-minute answer, which although I can condense it into 3 minutes is still 2 minutes 50 seconds too long for TV. Interviewers are always impressed by my answers, because I do get the point across very cogently; however, they can rarely find anything to show on screen when they edit it down. The best I can hope after an hour's worth of taping is the last few seconds of a mad rant. I don't expect, therefore, that I'll be on the screen much in the CNN interview or the BBC one, even if what I said did influence the programme-makers' thoughts on the matter.

Really, though, how can anyone answer a question in a few, brief sound-bites when it's along the lines of "but what does escapism mean?".

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