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2:55pm on Tuesday, 12th June, 2007:

Business Cards


I was asked if I had someone's phone number this morning, so checked their business card. Unfortunately, in the process I dropped my card stack. This was some cause for anguish, as the stack (as picked up afterwards) is this tall:

(The card that happened to be on top is for Stingray!, who used to play British Legends on Compuserve — he's a real nice guy).

Normally, I keep my business cards in latest-first order. This is because that's how they wind up when I open the cupboard they live in and add some more. It also means that when people ask me for a card, I can usually find it quickly as the details they want are invariably on a card I got recently.

That was the case until today, though. My cards were so scattered that the one on top was over 15 years old. The next one down was from a company that changed its name 10 years ago.

So, I bit the bullet, and after a bit of this:

I wound up with a deck of business cards in alphabetical order.

Hmm, maybe I ought to put them in a tin or something, in case I drop them again.

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