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3:03pm on Friday, 12th January, 2007:



These are the holiday destinations that appeared (one page each unless stated) in The Independent's free Escorted European Tours 2007 magazine, which came with it this morning:

Classical Spain: Seville, Cordoba, Granada
Classical Italy: Florence, Siena, Assisi, Rome
Barcelona and the Highlights of Catalonia
Sicily: Etna, Palermo, Siracusa, Taormina
Capri, Pompeii and the Bay of Naples
Prague, Vienna and Budapest
Lake Garda, Vernoa, Venice
Lisbon and the highlights of southern Portugal
Oporto, the Douro Valley and Santiago de Compostela
Madrid, Salamanca and Toldeo and the highlights of Castille
Undiscovered Provence
Loire Valley and Monet's Garden
Undiscovered Malta
Marrakesh and the Atlas Mountains
Krakow, City of Pope Jean-Paul II (half page)
Budapest, Paris of the East (half page)
Prague, City of a hundred spires
Berlin, East Meets West (half page)
Normandy by Eurostar (half page)
Bruges, the Venice of the North by Eurostar (half page)
Paris by Eurostar (half page)
Canada (two pages)
South Africa (two pages)
Peru plus Nazca Lines extension (two pages)
Vietnam plus Angkor Wat Extension (two pages)

Naturally I noticed that Marrakesh wasn't in Europe when I was reading through this, but I figured what the hey, it's only the one destination and it's quite close to Europe. The final 8 pages (from 26) are inexcusably no way in Europe, though.

I suppose I should be greatful that they're still escorted tours...

Oh, of all of these, the one I'd choose if I had the time, the money and they tolerance for sharing a bus with other readers of The Independent, would be "Prague, Vienna and Budapest", although "Peru plus Nazca Lines extension" runs it a close second (I wouldn't want the extension). The one I'd be least likely to choose is "Krakow, City of Pope Jean-Paul II", on account of how Krakow is a bleak industrial city and Pope Jean-Paul II was a pope.

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