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9:25am on Thursday, 11th January, 2007:



Perhaps because I got her a new mobile phone for Christmas, my wife bought me a SatNav device for my birthday, specifically a TomTom 1. We went with that particular one as I don't drive abroad, I don't want to listen to music and (as bottom of the range) it was the cheapest.

OK, so I turned it on and gave it the route from my house to my mother's house 10 or so miles away. First, it has the wrong postcode for my street; second, it doesn't know my mother's street (it's "unnamed road"); third, it gave me the fourth-best route to her house by my reckoning; fourth, I can't clear the route, so whenever I activate the machine it instructs me to go to the end of the road and turn right.

Just the sort of thing you could write a game for, all the same.

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