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7:12pm on Saturday, 10th March, 2007:

What's on TV


It was a fun-packed trip to Tesco's this weekend because a second bloggable thing happened: I saw the transvestite who used to shop in Sainsbury's (before I started QBlog, which is why I haven't mentioned it before).

Oh, before I write about this I should point out that I'm pro-trannies: one of my great crusades is freedom of identity, and anyone who takes the kind of social risks transvestites have to take in order to get the look they want gets my vote. The only thing that concerns me a little is the trying-to-deceive thing, which, as everyone who has played a virtual world as a character of the opposite gender knows, can be very dubious territory.

Anyway, the thing about this particular individual is that he's like 95% convincing and it wouldn't take a lot to do that other 5%, however he stops short of it. I suspect this is deliberate, given the attention to detail he pays elsewhere (that was a very classy jacket he had on), but augh! It's like hearing the first 16 notes of the Radetzky March and then hanging waiting for the 17th and its not coming. It's so frustrating. I want to go up and say, "Look, all credit to you for effort, but blimey, can't you wear maybe a longer skirt? No-one your age should be wearing a mini! It's a dead giveaway! It draws way too much attention. And pull your cuffs down further, too, those hands of yours just don't look to scale.".

Of course, if I did go up to him and say that he'd turn out to be a genetic female and she'd beat me senseless with a baguette.

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