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12:43pm on Saturday, 10th March, 2007:

My Magic Jacket


I went to Tesco's today, rather than Sainsbury's, because my daughter was visiting a friend nearby and I had to be in the area anyway. I wore a different jacket to what I normally wear — it looks like the jacket of a suit, rather than a cloth bomber jacket.

I was part-way down an aisle looking for eggs when suddenly a woman put her hand on my trolley and said, "that's odd, they didn't have any". I replied, "Er, this is my trolley...", whereupon she descended into embarrassment and went off to blame her husband, for whom she had mistaken me (even though we looked nothing like one another).

A bit later, a woman came up to me from behind and started asking what I'd got. I turned round, and was met with a blank look. "I'm sorry", she said, "I thought you were my husband".

Finally, at the checkout, I looked over to the adjacent checkout and saw a toddler sitting in a trolley. He looked at me, then said, "Daddy!". His mother explained to him that no, I wasn't his daddy.

It must be that my jacket is magic. After all, there is no conceivable other explanation, so it must be true!

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