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8:01am on Tuesday, 6th March, 2007:

Irresponsible Reporting


I was somewhat surprised yesterday by the Daily Mirror's "exclusive" report that the SAS are going to rescue the British hostages captured in Ethiopia. That's the kind of information that whoever took the hostages might find useful to know.

I suppose the Mirror reasoned that it would be unlikely that a bunch of Ethiopian kidnappers would read their newspaper, but the latest news is that vehicles and other things of value were left behind in the snatch. This suggests that it wasn't just Joe Random Ethiopian who kidnapped these people, but some group with an agenda, most likely Al Qaeda. Members of Al Qaeda almost certainly do read the Mirror...

I don't know where the Mirror got its information. It could be that it was leaked by the Ministry of Defence to make the kidnappers think the SAS are on the way when they're actually roaming the deserts of Iraq. It's more likely that the SAS really is involved, though.

Let's hope everything goes to plan. I wouldn't want to be the Mirror of they pissed off the SAS...

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