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5:31pm on Monday, 5th March, 2007:

Media, Mediocre


I was on the radio this morning (BBC Radio Essex to be precise), being interviewed about the phenomenon that is World of Warcraft. It was the first day back from maternity leave of the interviewer, Ethölle George, and as we actually
listen to BBC Radio Essex in the morning and we like Ethölle, I began by saying it was nice to have her back. She was not
remotely expecting this, so it kinda threw her a bit, but she was soon in her stride.

I, on the other hand, was saying things like, "I'm not saying there was anybody who didn't have a heart attack"...

Transcript here.

Oh, and although Ethölle may have said that WoW was "something many of us have never even heard of",
she was co-presenting in May last year when I mentioned it in the interview John Hayes did with me back then. So ha! She had heard of it!

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