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2:13pm on Sunday, 4th February, 2007:

Weather Report


We have a weather vane on the summer house in our garden. It's a cockrel. Because it's painted black, we can't actually tell from a distance which way the wind is blowing, but it came with the house so we (well, my father-in-law) always repainted it as it was.

In the recent storms, the plate holding the weather vane's mounting to the summer house roof came loose so we took it down. While it was down, we gave it a new lick of paint. This time, unlike on previous occasions when my father-in-law has repainted it on a whim, I got to see what it looked like close up before it was painted.

The curious thing is, it was considerably more weathered on one side more than it was on the other. How can that happen with something that always lines itself up in the direction of the wind?

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