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11:02am on Saturday, 3rd February, 2007:

I'm a Winner


When you spend a certain amount of money in Sainsbury's, you get a little envelope which, when you open it, tells you what prize you've won. Normally, they look like this:

The one from Wednesday, however, looked like this:

W00t! A green drop!

OK, so I'm not a great fan of apple juice, but I'll drink it. So, today I took it along with the intention of cashing it in.

Well no, that's not true. Cynic that I am, I fully expected that everyone else who visited Sainsbury's during the week would also have won a free apple juice, and that there would therefore not be a single drop of the stuff in the shop. Thus, when I arrived at the juice aisle, I was surprised to find my skepticism had been misplaced: they did indeed have Sainsbury's Apple Juice on sale.

If only they hadn't been 4-packs...

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