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1:57pm on Thursday, 4th January, 2007:

Pond Lining


My inexperience in buying mouse mats has bitten me: the one I got has the nice cloth surface I like, but its base was foam, not rubber. As my daughter put it, "the traction of the mouse on the mat exceeds tha traction of the mat on the table". In other words, it slips a lot.

I was hoping it would somehow miraculously fix itself, but yesterday I snapped. I found a piece of rubber in the garage that we'd had left over from lining the garden pond a few years ago, and I made myself a base. I stuck it on with Copydex, let it dry, then cut off the excess with a very sharp knife.

Sadly, the knife was so very sharp that I also took a chunk of the mat with it. Still, no matter: I now have a mat that doesn't slip, and which will be even better once I get all the smears of Copydex off the surface.

Interestingly, the sheet of pond lining is excellent as a mouse mat in its own terms. It grips the table and the mouse ball grips it, too. I'd consider throwing away the mat and just using a piece of plant lining if it weren't for the fact it would make my hand smell permanently of rubber.

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