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12:26pm on Friday, 5th January, 2007:

Time to ban these ridiculous games I feel


A British child on holiday in Thailand died of an electric shock when unplugging his Gameboy recharger from the mains. Thai officials said his hands were still wet as he'd just come back from the swimming pool; his mother insists they weren't. There are suggestions that the electricity supply at the hotel, which was reconstructed after the 2004 Tsunami, might not have been up to standard.

The boy's death is a tragedy. Whether it's a tragic accident or the result of tragic negligence is a matter for investigation.

Here's what Donald Dehaviland of Fleet, Hampshire, wrote as a reader comment on the Daily Mail's online coverage of the story:

"Time to ban these ridiculous games I feel.".

Donald Dehaviland of Fleet, Hampshire: you are stupid.

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