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3:43pm on Tuesday, 26th December, 2006:

Be Still, My Beating Heart


I woke up last night towards the end of a really exciting dream. It was an action thriller, and there was mayhem going on all over, real edge-of-the-seat stuff. It was very exhilerating, and I awoke with my heart pounding.

This is worrying.

I didn't ask for the dream, I just got it. Normally, I only get dreams I ask for (ie. decide I'm going to have in advance). The pounding heart wasn't triggered by the dream; the dream was triggered by the pounding heart. It wasn't pounding in the usual jogging-aroud, faster-than-normal fashion, either: it was thumping, but wasn't faster than normal. Earlier in the evening, it had skipped two beats in a row.

Oh well, I'm alive, so it can't have been that serious.

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