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12:00pm on Saturday, 24th June, 2006:

Holiday Time


We're taking our holidays in Italy this year, staying in Florence.

Florence is one of my 3 all-time favourite cities (the other two being Seville and York); I first visited it on a day trip from Pisa where I was at my first academic conference, ECAI, in 1984. Next year, I got married (honeymoon in Rome) and the year after we did a 10-day trip to Rome, Florence and Venice, so my wife could see what I was raving about.

I mentioned this to Jim Doran, my PhD supervisor, as an explanation as to why I wouldn't be having my weekly meeting with him. Jim had a difference preference: "I envy you Venice", he said. "I went there 20 years ago, it's a wonderful city.".

I remember, at the time, thinking 20 years! I was 6 years old 20 years ago! I wondered what it would be like when I could refer to things that happened "20 years ago" as if it were only a short period of time. 20 years, ye gods!

This happened in 1986: 20 years ago.

Damn you, Time.

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