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9:49am on Friday, 23rd June, 2006:



For their GCSE drama exams back in March, my daughter's class were split into groups and had three months to create a performance piece to be judged by an external examiner. Yesterday, the best four groups reprised their work for the benefit of friends and family. Here's how the programme described them:

"Find me"

"Power Corrupts Absolutely"


"Top Girls"

Well that was a bundle of laughs. The first three plays explicitly cover descents into madness, and the fourth had a heartwarming all-men-are-bastards-and-so-are-women-who-want-to-be-men theme (perhaps explaining why women outnumbered men 8 to 1 in the audience). Some of the acting was top notch — very impressive — but the subject matter was thoroughly grim.

Gawd knows how GCSE examiners can stand watching piece after piece like this all day long and retain the will to live. They must all be on veterinary strength anti-depressants.

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