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8:21am on Thursday, 23rd March, 2006:

Epic Gear


Thankfully, the law lords decided yesterday to overturn the appeal court's overturning of the regular court's decision to allow a school to send a girl home from school for wearing a jilbab. I ranted about this at the time, which has clearly had the desired effect on those law lords who read QBlog.

Of course, the House of Lords may be the highest court in the land, but there are international courts that the pious Miss Begum can go to, and the chances are that she will. Part of the reason I'm confident of this is that her QC, Cherie "I'm not the PM's wife today" Booth, was briefed by the University of Essex's Children's Legal Centre. This works closely with the Human Rights Centre we also have. A trip to the European Court of Human Rights seems inevitable.

Seeting aside the contradiction that Miss Begum wants to wear the jilbab because she's reached sexual maturity (ie. isn't a child), I have to wonder why the Children's Legal Centre want her case to succeed. Wearing a jilbab is inhuman and wrong, so what it has to do with asserting the wearer's human rights is anyone's guess.

Whenever you see pictures of Shabina Begum, she's always wearing a purple jilbab. So that settles it: she's got the epic gear and she's damned well going to show it off.

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