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9:15am on Thursday, 22nd June, 2006:

Bartle's Taxi Service


Daughter #1 has an examination today, so I had to drive her to school in case the bus was late. I also took daughter #2. Just as we were getting close, daughter #2 said, "Where's my bag?". I had to drop off daughter #1, bring daughter #2 back home, then take her to the school. When I got back here and settled in, I cranked up my email and found I have to go to the University to mark a late exam script.

Here's all the driving I'm doing today:

  1. Wife to train station for commute to London.
  2. Alone, train station to home.
  3. Daughters to school.
  4. Daughter #2 back home.
  5. Daughter #2 to school.
  6. Alone, school to home.
  7. Alone, home to campus.
  8. Alone, campus to home.
  9. Alone, home to school.
  10. Daughter #1 back home.
  11. Daughter #1 to school (play rehearsal).
  12. Alone, back home.
  13. Alone, back to school.
  14. Daughter #1 back home.
  15. Daughter #1 to Copford (flute lesson).
  16. Alone, to Sainsbury's (grab something to eat).
  17. Alone Sainsbury's to Copford.
  18. Daughter #1 to school (play).
  19. Alone, school to Great Bentley (pick up mother).
  20. Mother to home.
  21. Possible: Alone to train station.
  22. Possible: Wife back home. She may take a taxi though.
  23. Wife, mother and daughter #2 to school (to watch daughter #1).
  24. Wife, mother and daughters back home.
  25. Mother to Colchester (drop off at her boyfriend's).
  26. Alone, back home.

Get a PhD in AI and you, too, can spend the day ferrying people around in your car.

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