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3:29pm on Wednesday, 21st June, 2006:

Creativity in Writing


When I was checking out the examination process at Portsmouth University yesterday, I looked through a sample of student examination scripts. The way Portsmouth operates, some of these are typed in online, rather than handwritten. Thus, there can be no mistaking the fact that one of the candidates managed to refer to the well-known, classic computer game, Comend and Conncer.

People with dyslexia know they have spelling issues. They know they are going to make errors, and so their priority is to put something down which, if not correct, they know stands a fighting chance of being read. A dyslexic might have put Comand and Konkr, or Comamand Concer, or any of a number of different variations, but Comend and Conncer? I think not.

Another great entry in the canon of English Illiterature...

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