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5:12pm on Saturday, 20th May, 2006:



I had my photograph taken today! Twice! By a professional photojournalist!

The first picture was in MUD2; the second picture was in the third-year ESE project laboratory at the university; the photojournalist was Robbie Cooper, who took them for the book he's creating (with Tracy Spaight) as the next step in his Alter Ego project. My face will soon adorn coffee tables around the world...

It was quite fun. He had a digital camera so powerful it looked like it would have recoil every time he took a picture. It was linked up to his laptop, at which sat his right-hand man Scott, who assessed the sharpness, colour balance and lighting of the image and the woeful state of my skin. Afterwards, we went into Colchester for a pizza, which was very agreeable until the tablets Robbie had been taking to keep toothache at bay spectacularly wore off.

Let's just say that if you're planning on having an abscess on your tooth, there are better places for it to flare up than Colchester on a Saturday afternoon.

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