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5:56pm on Monday, 19th June, 2006:



To the owner of car registration number 8 POD: if you have a personalised number plate, people can remember it quite easily when you cut them up on the M25 while using your mobile phone.

The point of personalised number plates like 8 POD has always bemused me. Why would you want to advertise the fact that you were only the eighth richest person in the UK with initials POD?

It's like in virtual worlds, where you come across people with names like Merlinn. It's bad enough being unimaginative enough to want to use the same name that every other person thought of first, but being so unimaginative that the only alternative you can think of is a grim variation of it, well ... why? Why would you want to advertise your paucity of original thought?

I wonder if 1 POD is owned by Apple?

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