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11:26am on Sunday, 18th June, 2006:



Here's a picture of Mauro Camoranesi, a player in Italy's World Cup squad:

Doesn't he have sweaty armpits?

So does the goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon:

In fact, the whole Italian team has sweaty armpits — or at least it looks that way. Their kit is from a template design by Neil Barrett of Puma. Sometimes this looks quite effective, as this picture of them wearing the away strip shows:

At the start of the Italy versus USA game yesterday, though, it just made the Italian squad appear somewhat nervous...

There's a similar template explanation for why the England team shirt (by Umbro) has a red cross on the shoulder and the Swedish team shirt (by Umbro) has a blue one, although cunningly the crosses are on different shoulders.

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