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8:12pm on Tuesday, 16th May, 2006:

Epic Gear


I co-presented a talk with Aleks Krotoski today put on by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation in London. I don't usually talk to people from the Bank of England or the Financial Services Authority, and they don't usually listen to people from the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering at the University of Essex. It went reasonably well, anyway, in the sense that no-one threw anything at us.

The venue was the Armourers' Hall in London, just across the street from where my wife was working when the IRA blew her office up that time (June 25th, 1992; she'd gone home 2 hours earlier). From the outside, the Armourers' Hall looks just like another building, but inside....

There's something fun, talking about the trade in virtual swords while standing in a room full of real ones.

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