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7:49pm on Tuesday, 16th May, 2006:

Been There


I had one of my very rare, unbidden dreams last night.

As usual, I won't be going into the details as other people's dreams are always boring. Basically, this one was set in The Land, which is what we called the world of MUD1. I knew I was in it, and it was wonderful to see it again in its full glory, but of course I also knew it was a dream and I wasn't actually there. It was great to feel that sense of immersion again, though.

The reason I mention this is that there was one thing I didn't realise during my visit until the instant I awoke (at 4:55am; indeed, it may have been the shock of this realisation that awoke me): the part of The Land I visited was one I never implemented. I had it actualised in my mind's eye, but I never put it in the game because it would have had no place (in a gameplay sense: its function was already served by other areas). I hadn't thought about it for years, but last night there I was, within it, recalling every detail and enjoying every moment. I hadn't thought about it for years, so I don't know what triggered it off.

It's always nice to return to a place of which you have fond memories. This is the case even if that place is neither real nor virtual, but purely imaginary.

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