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10:48am on Friday, 13th October, 2006:

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Because my camera is broken, I can't take any photos at the moment, so here's one from the past (1983, maybe 1982):

I showed it to my wife just now and she said, "Argh! It's the IT department!".

The guy with the jacket over a jumper; the guy with the jumper over the T-shirt; the fat guy in glasses and a lumberjack shirt smelling his armpits; the guy with the elbow-protectors wackily strangling the guy with Sideshow Bob hair; the guy with the central parting staring creepily between them: thus are stereotypes made.

Oh, just so that the people in the photograph can find their name via Google, left to right they're Ronan Flood, Graham Bardsley, Phil Scott, Andy Jones, Andy Straw and Mark Longley.

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