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8:37am on Monday, 12th June, 2006:

Challenging Notions


On the Today programme this morning, Harriet Harman was asked about her pitch to replace John Prescott as Deputy Prime Minister. She played the "I'm female and they're not" card (yet) again, explaining that she wanted to "challenge the notion" that if a job was difficult, you gave it to a man.

And here was me, thinking that Margaret Thatcher challenged that notion out of the window 25 years ago. I'm sure our current Foreign Secretary will be pleased to endorse the idea that women should be given jobs just because they're women, not because they're the right person, too — especially as she was herself deputy leader of the Labour Party in 1994, becoming leader when John Smith died.

Still, if exploiting things you can do nothing about is your bag, Ms Harman might like to note that out of Blair, Brown, Becket, Reid and Prescott, only Becket was born in England; the country is clearly under-represented at the highest levels. Then again, I've just spent 20 minutes in Google trying to discover where she was born, and have come up with nothing. I'll have to wait until she has the identity card she champions, then she won't be able to be so coy about it...

Oh, and by the way, Harriet, isn't 1.6Mb a little excessive for that 213x356 pixel image on your web site?

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