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2:17pm on Sunday, 11th June, 2006:

Virus Delivery


Normally, when I receive emails telling me to open attachments or click on links, I just ignore them. Today, though, I got a particularly cunning one that tried a new approach.:

I came across a picture on your web site and it has your copyright on it Copyright © Richard A. Bartle (richard@mud.co.uk) (I have attached that picture to this email for your referance).

I would be greatful to you if you can permit me and my group to use this picture for designing our album cover. The new album is called Cosmic Hymn and this picture is very suitable.

Yeah, right, like I'm ever going to open that attachment...

Anyway, some time after having consigned the email to the deleted folder, I began to wonder why it was that my anti-virus software hadn't just zapped it automatically. I opened it using a non-MS image viewer, and discovered that it actually was a picture — this one, in fact. It was on the cover of a brochure produced for the VAX instantiation of MUD2 in the 1980s.

Some link-following ensured, and it turns out that the person asking to use it really does represent a band (TLCOTG — they create trance music) and they really do want to use the image for their forthcoming album.


I said yes, but if they want to put it on large numbers of T-shirts we should speak again.

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