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10:13am on Sunday, 12th February, 2006:



When I was at school, one of the lunches they used to serve up which dreaded by all was kedgeree. I don't like fish anyway, but even people who did like fish didn't like kedgeree. It was ghastly.

One of my friends was called Gregory, and he was given the nickname Kedgeree (or Kedge, for short) because it sorta sounded like Kedgeree. This nickname stuck with him from ages 8 to 18, when he left for university and could tell everyone he was called Greg for short. That said, Kedgeree was used as a bullying tactic only occasionally; most of the kids who called him that just thought it funny that his name was vaguely reminiscient of this awful fish dish, and part of the humour was that he wasn't actually horrid at all.

This is why I don't think it racist that at my daughters' school, a boy of Indian extraction whose name is Suraj gets called Sewage.

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