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5:03pm on Saturday, 8th April, 2006:

Small World


This morning I went to buy a newspaper.

My dad lives in the house in which I grew up. I don't get to visit here all that often — once or twice a year — and most of my memories of it are from when I was a child. Consequently, I remember everything in child's scale, so when I look around everything seems much smaller than it should be.

The walk to the local shop, for example, took only a couple of minutes. It should have taken much longer than that! And the roads are all narrow; they used to be normal width (not like the big, wide roads in the centre of town). When did they shrink? And the end of our street, which used to be quite a way away, is fairly close now. The hill at the other end of the street is today only a bit of a dip. The houses of kids who lived two neighbourhoods away I could now walk to in two minutes. OK, so a contributing factor may be that minutes are shorter now than they were when I was young, but the world has got smaller too as I've got bigger.

Well, this part has, anyway.

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