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8:09pm on Friday, 7th April, 2006:

Arm Latest


I know how much QBlog's readers like to read about my pain, so here's the latest update regarding my shoulder.

I visited the physiotherapist this morning (just prior to driving up north for 5 hours) and as usual she was impressed at my progress and unimpressed by the way I hold my hands with the palms facing 45 degrees inwards instead of parallel to my legs ("that's how men do it, you don't see women holding their hands like that" — as if it's my fault I'm a man). She is now fairly sure she's got rid of all the nasty effects that have resulted from the root cause of my shoulder's problems. However, she has no idea what that root cause may be, and I still can't put my arm behind my back.

Her preferred solution is to wait "a while" and see if it fixes itself automatically. I expressed some concern that if I came back next month without having done anything then my arm would be in no better state than it is now, and would probably be worse since doing nothing is how it got into trouble in the first place. She said that "a while" was 18 months to 2 years, and that I could always do my exercises again if my shoulder got bad again.

I think my unimpressedness was sufficient for her to notice, though, and she's going to consult with a shoulder specialist physiotherapist she knows in case tey have any suggestions. Meanwhile, I'm down to three exercises: pulling a theraband across my body 5 times, 5 times a day; leaning against a door jamb for 2 minutes once or twice a day (it was 5 times a day, but I cut back because it was so effective that my right shoulder ended up an inch further back than my left); a new exercise where I lie on a bed with my arm at 70 degrees from my body, then raise it to a 45 degree angle and hold a bottle of water for 2 minutes, whereupon I rotate my arm and do it with a different rotation for another 2 minutes. If I'm still alive, I do this twice a day.

Good to know I'm perplexing medical science, though! "We know what you have, Dr Bartle: we're calling it Bartle's Syndrome".

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