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9:38am on Friday, 6th January, 2006:

Twelfth Night


Its being Twelfth Night and all (hey, where are my lords a-leaping?), we're taking down the Christmas decorations. Well, we're taking down all but the three we'll find after I've hauled everything back in the attic (having deliberately waited a few days so that any we missed are sure to have turned up).

Anyway, in one of the boxes we keep decorations in I found another weird old Christmas card. This one is from Nepal:

On the back is a scree about old age in Nepal, but inside are the traditional wishes for Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Other countries do things differently at Christmas... I was in Singapore once in the New Year, and they played carols in the hotel resolutely every morning right until the 6th of January. They had "the world's largest Santa Claus", four storeys high, which they decapitated on the 7th so as to begin transforming him into "the world's largest Chinese God of Luck" ready for the Chinese New Year.

Is it true that nowhere else but Britain do they have Christmas crackers?

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