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9:30am on Thursday, 5th January, 2006:

News in the Morning


Because my wife commutes to London, we get up at around 6:10 every morning. For historical reasons to do with not watching children's TV programmes, we have GMTV on.

Ah, tabloid television...

Yesterday, we got repeated pictures of miners' families from Sago praising the lord for having saved their loved ones — I saw the same shots 3 times in half an hour. During the course of the day, however, it turned out that whereas the families had been told there was one dead and twelve survivers, actually there were twelve dead and one surviver. Did we get blanket coverage on GMTV this morning? No, we didn't. I didn't see a mention of it between 6:20 and 7:00.

What I did see was the alarming news that bird flu had reached Europe! It's been confirmed that a boy who died on New Year's Day in Eastern Turkey did so through bird flu.

Hold on, since when has Eastern Turkey been in Europe? They call it Asia Minor for a reason, you know, GMTV people. Every respectable news source is saying it's the first case outside of southeast Asia.

At least it's not the Hoobs, anyway.

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