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2:52pm on Wednesday, 4th January, 2006:

Dr Chippy


I went to Colchester this morning to have my hair cut, and ate at Dr Chippy's.

Dr Chippy's is a fish & chip shop that we quite like in the centre of town. The chips aren't soggy, and a good 90% of them are edible (as opposed to the 50% that were edible from the Elmstead Market chippery I went to last week: the rest were strangely-discoloured or had nothing inside them). I like the fishcakes they do, too.

The odd thing about Dr Chippy's is their logo. It's bad enough from outside the shop:

Inside, though, when you see the place mats:

Ye gods! I thought I couldn't draw! I'm sorry the above image is a little out of focus (it's hard taking pictures secretly in a chip shop), but it should be clear enough for you to get an idea of the full horror. I don't know who the LES is who signed it (my guess is it's Dr Chippy himself), but if he thinks he can draw he's labouring under a massive misapprehension. I suspect that he doesn't think he can draw, however, because having had a go at the character's left hand he's clearly decided that hands are too hard to draw and put the right one behind the character's back or in his pocket or somewhere. And what's with the one ear? Does Dr Chippy himself have only one ear? I guess it's possible, although it's hardly made him into an artist...

This logo was created by someone who either doesn't know how inexpensive it is to commission a graphic designer, or has a keen sense of how to give people an impression that his is a local chip shop rather than part of some big national chain. The latter argument would be more convincing if there were more than one Dr Chippy's on the planet, but a quick perusal of the Internet would suggest that this is the only one. The only other references to Dr Chippy refer to medical practitioners who are called Chippy.

He makes damned good chips, though.

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